BULGARIA Razlog 2013

Razlog meeting 17.-23. November 2013

Meeting pictures…


Blog of events



When we arrived then there were Bulgarians waiting for us at the airport. Previously we had met Germans at the airport. They were on the same flight with us to Sofia. Greeting was  warm and sweet, all the Bulgarians tied with the Project were there and we made acquaintance and then the hugs began. We strolled around the town for some time and picked up some  hitchhikers. We went to the mall and after that we went to Razlog by bus. When we arrived, I was amazed bye the temperature, but luckily we got into our hotel rooms pretty urgently. We  dined in the same hotel. I loved the trip. No regrets.



Monday started with a healthy breakfast at the hotel for everyone. It was followed by a five minute march to school. There we were greeted by the headmistress and many Bulgarian students at the auditorium. In the opening ceremony traditional Bulgarian dances and songs were performed for us, followed by a funny quiz about the participating Comenius nations. While the visiting students got a student guided tour through Razlog in the late morning, the teachers were first shown the school building and class rooms. A guided tour including the city museum and church followed. Lunch was eaten in a nice and cozy restaurant in downtown Razlog. The afternoon was filled by the presentation of all partner schools in power point presentations or short funny and very well made  video clips. It followed the logo contest in which the student voted the project logo. The winner chosen in two rounds from 24 nominations came from Estonia and can be seen on the web page. At the end of the day, new friends were found and students as well as teachers had had a good time.



In the morning we set off to the peaks of Pirin National Park. Through clouds and fog we caught 

glimpses of their beauty.
Following our Comenius motto “ Healthy body…” swimming, fitness and hiking were on our
afternoon agenda.

And in the evening ? Have you ever seen people from eight different countries dance traditional
dances and disco together ? A truly European experience!

Today our Bulgarian friends organized a trip to Rila Monastery and Sofia. It was a perfect day trip combining spectacular scenery with history and culture. From the outside, Rila Monastery has a fortress-like appearance, but once through the main gate, the visitors find themselves in a spacious cobbled courtyard surrounded by enchanting rows of balconies with a church in the center. All of this is against the splendid natural backdrop of the Rila mountains. 
Sofia, the capital and the largest city in Bulgaria, is located at the foot of Mount Vitosha in the western part of the country. Sofia is a beautiful city with lots of tourist attractions such as Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia University, Ivan Vazov National Theatre, National Palace of Culture, National Art Gallery and many others. 
So we all had a perfect day with lots of interesting things to see.


Friday was a really busy day for the students and the teachers,
too. After breakfast there was the last work meeting for
teachers. The meeting’s aim was to plan the following meeting in
Manchester. The students had an interesting task,
they had to collect different questions in  connection with:

a)      Eating habits
b)      Cooking habits
c)      Social behaviour in different countries.

The students formed nine groups which consisted of 5 boys and
girls from different countries. They worked hard and wrote
about their special habits in the kitchen and at the table.
After lunch all of the students and teachers went for shopping.

They bought some goods for the farewell party. Special thanks

for the Bulgarian team!Each country had to cook their
national dish and serve it for students and teachers.

The atmosphere was really fantastic in the kitchen and we

could taste different cousine of different countries.
This is an unforgettable party forever!




The first thing we’ve observed when we got to Razlog was the incredible hospitality and kindness , not only from the people of Bulgaria , but also from everyone that took part in the project.

 For us , the students , it was an amazing experience , from which we learned a  lot of new things about the lives and the habits of other countries . I believe that lifelong friendships have been created and this will have a great impact not only to the people that were in Bulgaria , but also to the schools they came from. I think we managed to do great things together , leaving aside all the differences between us. Its amazing how people that have different cultures , languages , religions can get along so well , all thanks to the Comenius project. We all left Bulgaria with a healthier body , a healthier mind and also more motivated to improve in the future.


“For us the week in Razlog was an amazing experience. The students and teachers from Bulgaria welcomed us in a very friendly way and we really enjoyed meeting the people from all the other countries. We had a lot of fun together.

We also liked the way the days were planned: it was never boring but we still had enough free time.  Our hosts had arranged a very nice program for us with a lot of funny things to do like writing theatre sketches on typical situations at the dinner table and  acting them out or cooking together.

All in all it was a perfect week for us and we really miss the time we shared!


”I miss all my new friends .  X O X O,  Sinemyis”.

“Thanks for this awesome week! Kisses, Clarissa”

“The program was great, also Bulgaria! Kiss, Doreen”

“I miss our funny evenings in the hotel. Love you guys, Chrissi”

“Your traditional dances were amazing. Miss you, Jessie”

“You´re all really cool guys! Love you, Jenny”  “


 Saturday morning was a bad day for me. Within a week, we can not predict the way we’ve been closer. Before going Everyone cried and hugged. we all had a common thought. We’d like to meet one more. people of different countries had become friends in a different way. We had a common language.The language name is FRIENDSHİP. My expectations were simple: to meet a completely new place, to see all kinds of things and, of course, to develop some work on the theme “Healthy Body –Healthy Mind”.I want to see you again my friend.

Levent Berk ARIĞ

Saturday morning after breakfast it was time to say goodbye. I missed my family and a lot of Turkey., But here I did not want to break away from the friendship. it was too hard for me to leave here. there were special friendships.I don”t know enough English but was able to deal with my friends. I’m going back to my country a lot of my memories photos.


 During the week we started a project so here is ending. Projects under the roof I met many people from other countries. It was an amazing week.It was probably the most amazing week I had ever experienced. And I’ll never forget my friends here in Bulgaria. Many photos and memories will be in my memory. I’ll try not gone more on english lesson. Because I want to take a more active project. I made a lot of friends from all over Europe. But I do not like to say goodbye. Though sad at the same time having a good time so I am happy. Bus will depart soon. Everyone will move towards their own country. All I want to remember your Turkish friend. We can’t wait to meet again and I hope it will actually happen!


 I carry my enthusiasm going the way here too. I learned a lot while working within the scope of the project.I gained lots of friend here.And It is too hard to say “GOODBYE”. We ate dinner together for a week. We worked together. We have fun together. For me a memorable week. Here I’ve made a very different experience. Bulgaria and I will miss my friends a lot.

Berkay ÖZÜŞ

We had special time in razlog with lots of friends.We shared our culture and friendship.I was very sad .But Iwas happy too.I have complicated emotions.I was getting used to here and teachers and friends.I feel lucky I am in fort his Project. Through this project I had the chance to come to Bulgaria. I realized it was similar to the Turkish culture. I saw traces of the Ottoman Empire. I was very impressed to see the traces of my ancestors. I hope you’ll take part in other projects.

Mustafa ÖZNAZ

If I need to describe this week,It was AMAZING!! Soon we will begin to take the right path to Turkey. I feel I already miss this place. Both had worked both had so much fun.I will miss my friends an Bulgaria…


 Before coming here I have had a lot of questions in my mind. I wonder can I make friends? I was wondering project meetings. Project activities will be like? But everything was more beautiful than I expected. Cultural dishes had so much fun while cooking. We learned through theatre culture. We had fun at the same time. We aim to share a certain time and we were here. I’ve found a lot of sharing. I’ve heard of being here I’m leaving happily.



It started off at 4 in the morning as I woke up and got ready to get to the airport. We all met up, checked in, waited for our flight. Once it was time we settled down and took off. After a long 3hrs 15min flight we arrived in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. We spent a day sight seeing and then we needed to have a bite to eat. We thought about all the restaurants we could of gone to, we chose KFC. When we got to the hotel we separated into our rooms. We went to sleep for the next day where we headed to Razlog with the other schools.

In the morning,there was a long wait for the coach to pick us up and take us to Razlog with a stop off to pick the Portuguese. When we arrived in Razlog we went to the hotel to drop our luggage off in our rooms. Then we walked to the school, where the meeting was held. In the next couple of days we were very busy with the project. But of course we were enjoying ourselves. We had a disco on the Wednesday night. It was one of the Portuguese’s birthday.

It was an overall great night. On Friday, we cooked national dishes in the day. We then shared them all out at the farewell disco. We all enjoyed the food!! Saturday was a day to say goodbyes. Some of the people from other countries were crying. We were the second to say goodbye as the Portuguese left at 2am. We arrived home to our families greeting us.It was good because of meeting new people, friends and visiting new places. It was a great trip.

Matt P

The hotel was a good thing about this trip because it was a really nice hotel and all the staff were helpful and nice people.Another good thing was making friends on this trip all the people i met were really nice and had good manners and i have some great memories. The activities we did were really fun and help full full and i learned about different cultures and different foods and languages. I think this trip was a success because it has brought me to know about different cultures and learn about healthy body and healthy mind.The only bad thing was having to say goodbye to everyone.

Alex M

When we were in Bulgaria we all made friends with people from all countries straight away. Also our entire group from Wellacre has become good friends, when before the trip we didn’t really know each other. Another thing that went well on the trip was we all gave everything a go, and tried all of the food, even if it tasted very different from anything I had eaten before. Since we’ve come back from Bulgaria we have kept in touch with everyone from the trip through social networking sites, and I think we have made some lifelong friends. Overall the trip was a great success, and I have definitely taken something out of it. Next time, in Germany I think that there should be more focus on the healthy body side of the project as in Bulgaria we barley did any sport.

Cameron L

I enjoyed meeting new people from all around Europe. It was good to see the foods they eat and all of the other countries dishes. Also being able to go around Bulgaria and see a lot of the incredible things such as Nevskis Cathedral and the Monastery etc. Being made to do things that we wouldn’t do on a normal day to day basis (cook, presentations and plays). Another positive was to live with each other and get to know each other better. We did A LOT of healthy mind which was good and to be able to see other countries capital cities. Although we did very little sports activities.Improvements, More sports activities to do with the Healthy Body side and not just  healthy mind. If we were to take cameras or if we were to take more photos then we would have more memories and for the next assembly (if we have to do one, on Germany)

Benjamin E

 WWW – Going to Bulgaria with the Comenius project has been a great experience which we will remember for the rest of our lives. The whole team gained many things such as a healthy mind, knowledge and friendships. We now know many things about Bulgaria now e.g. currency, what their economy and what their lifestyles are like. The aim of the project was a healthy body and a healthy mind, in my opinion we succeed in gaining a healthy mind as we did many tasks that were linked to healthy minds. In Bulgaria we met people from all around the world and created friendships that could be lifelong. EBI – The only even better ifs would be if there was a bigger selection in the food at Bulgaria. Another EBI was the healthy body part of our aims, as we didn’t really participate in any sports as our sports day was cancelled due to not enough time.

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