UK Manchester 2014

Meeting in Manchester 16.3. – 22.3.2014  pictures…


We have to make the interrim-report to the national Comenius authorities  – the forms will be available probably from april and deadline will be probably in June 2014 – check it online!!! and don´t miss it.

Discussion about problems with the homepage of our project – we will tell Will Carr, he will change the things on the homepage.


Problems with email-conversation: Please make sure to send emails – if necessary – to all partners of the group AND PUT SUBJECT – SUBJECT AND CONTENT MUSST FIT TOGETHER

Will Carr shall make an access to the results of the questionnaires available for all of us.

The link of the questionnaire should be put on the school homepage – so pupils can fill  them easily

Have a look on our application form from page 59-62 when you are in doubt of what to do –  we are still according the agenda / outline of the application

5 favourite dishes of pupils – put an own questionnaire on the school homepage – as well the results

Comenius – money: in the end of project schools might have to cover costs in advance – before the last 20 % of the money will be send to the schools, which will be after the last  project report will be made.

  • English speaking abilities of all participants – students as well teachers are absolutely nescessary !!!


Will Carr about website: he will change the link now:

Email of Will for sending all infos for the website – both mails are working:

Meeting in Hildesheim

  • for the host-families only SMALL gifts for the families, for example some sweets
  • no alcohol or things like this

teachers don´t bring gifts for school or partners please!!! keep costs low!

  • nobody need gifts, you are not expected to bring gifts for headmaster or Marcus
  • Monday activity hiking in the mountain Harz (on Goethe trail to Brocken summit) – we provide lunch packages  and water – you don´t need to bring your own.
  • costs for teachers meals: about 6-10 €, drinks about 2-3 €, icecream in town 1 € / bowl … water in supermarket very cheap, …  (breakfast you have in the hotel )


Health questions:

  • bring health insurance for the pupils for case of needing medical care
  • bring permission of parents that their children are allowed to go swimming
  • add special needs or informations of health problems or food needs in the form (sheet 2):

Please fill the form with informations about the pupils as soon as possible (sheet 2):


Important: Every partner school needs a certain person who is responsible and always in the meetings – it is not usefull to send to every meeting different teachers – one person must be informed about all the Comenius things and be present in all meetings – and english speaking ablilties are obligatory !!!!!

Next meetings:

  1. Students meeting in Hildesheim / Germany: 29. of june – 5 of july 2014


  1. Teachers meeting in Turkey21. – 27. of september 2014
  2. Students meeting Hungary or Romania22. – 29. of november 2014
  3. Teachers meeting in Romania or Hungary08. – 14. of march 2015
  4. Students meeting in Olhao / Portugal05. – 11. of july 2015

It is recommended to book the flights as soon as possible – to get better prices

For students meetings bring some students – not only 1 or 2 …….

Preparation of Hildesheim meeting

Sports teachers should be asked about typical physical activities for fitness circle and book

  • Favourite dishes: choose out of the 5 favorite dishes favourite ones and make suggestions of healthier dishes for the book
  • Nutrician facts: students will work them out together in Hildesheim and find out the healthiest and unhealthiest dish and make suggestions to improve them

Preparation of Antalya meeting

  • plan: marketing of book – we make a discription of the book and translate it to all languages for the school homepages

Preparation of Portugal meeting

  • Portugal find out possiblities to present the final results like in a fair, charity dinner, in assembly hall
  • Some programm around, making video clip …
  • in the days in Portugal students prepare posters or something else, in meetings before they take video clips …
  • it is important to have a fine result for the final report for the EU because of money …
  • find sponsors
  • find out possiblities of fitness day according to fitness circle
  • pupils will create internet games, like quizz

Planning the book (application form page 60):
book must be simple, affordable, easy to handle, …

contents of the book should be:

  • favourite dishes
  • recipes – how to present them?
  • behaviour / table manners (in the introduccion)
  • nutrition facts
  • healthy alternatives to dishes
  • European menu / course of dishes
  • fitness circle
  • fotos
  • presentation of
    • dishes
    • alternatives
    • fitness circle
      • how many exercises in the circle?
      • different circle
      • different levels (beginners, advanced, professionals)?
  • how many dishes in the book
  • for how many dishes a healthy alternative
  • courses?        = starters – main dishes – desert

how many of them?


Germany II

  1. introduccion
  2. results of questionnaires (as graphs) about habits / dishes + analysis + conclusion
  3. (social behaviour / eating habits …)
  4. just cook and give the healthy recipe from every country
    1. 1 main course
    2. 1 starter
    3. 1 dessert
    4. 1 TV snack
    5. 1 drink
  5. 2 circles (6-8 exercises)
    1. yoga / pilates
    2. power circle





add after introduccion another chapter:

  • overview about youth health in Comenius-partnership countries –
    • presented as a comic strips, speech bubbles …
  • add last chapter: extra suggestions for further research:

Apps, documentaries, movies, books small students comments about the Apps usefullness

Summary for the book structure:

  1. introduccion
  2. overview about youth health (in partnercountries)
  3. results of questionnaires (as graphs) about habits / dishes + analysis + conclusion

(social behaviour / eating habits …)

  1. just cook and give the healthy recipe from every country
    • 1 main course
    • 1 starter
    • 1 dessert
    • 1 TV snack
    • 1 drink
  2. 2 circles (6-8 exercises)
    • yoga / pilates
    • power circle
  3. suggestions for further research: Apps, documentaries, movies …

Fitness section sports circle 20-30 minutes / day – 3-4 times a week:
we do some images, fotos or drawings and description about the physical exercises

  1. yoga/pilates circle: flexibility and strength and sometimes cardio
  2. power circle
  3. cardio / aerobic

+ photo / image
+ description of how to do the exercise

Prepare for Hildesheim:
every country prepares 3 -or 6- exercises (one -or 2- of each):

  1. strength
  2. flexibility
  3. cardio

In Hildesheim we form student groups, which prepare the different chapters of the book. So they need some skills – take fotos, put them in the documents, use the computer,

Prepare for Hildesheim:

Prepare, which students are going to work in the following 3 groups:

1. group: introduccion, analysing questionnaire results, look for comments on suitable apps

before Hildesheim:

BG, H, TR:preanalyzis of questionnaire results (choose which go into the book, write a short analyzis

EST, GER II:find Apps + probably test them

2. group: work on recipes

before Hildesheim:

ROM: layout of the book

3. group: set up 1st fitness circle from exercises brought by countries / newly added ideas

before Hildesheim:

GB template for the circle / explanation about fitness circles in general;

3 types of circles

After the meeting:

EST, PT creating short video clips about HI meeting + progress of project

The countries assign the pupils on the 3 groups before going to Hildesheim:

1 for first group, 1-2 for second group, 1-3 for third group

they must be able to comunicate in ENGLISH with students of other countries to come to results – teachers as well.

Everybody – students and teachers – who comes to Hildeshim has to contribute – in ENGLISH !!!

Prepare for Hildesheim:

bring original recipes of the favourite dishes (one starter, one main dish, one desert, one snack, one drink), pupils will analyse them in Hildesheim and plan healthier alternatives.

Every country brings the most favourite main course plus english recipe and if possible nutritrion facts, cook it, take photos – in Hildesheim they will find healthier alternatives, cook it and take photos.

In Hildesheim we find a layout for the book

  1. afterwards (after Hildesheim meeting) each country has to cook a complete meal with the healthier alternatives: starter, dessert and snack and prepare beverage in school
  2. take nutrition facts and
  3. take fotos
  4. every school creates a menu for the book
  5. schools create layout for the national recipies pages  –  using a general layout template, which will be prepared

This must be ready for the meeting in november.

Till end of next week check prices for flights to Antalya in november and as well for flights to Bucharest – might be we change the students meeting Antalya – Romania


Interrim report till 30th of june 2014

Interrim report, example in german:

Look for your own form in own language in internet

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