Aksu Kiz Teknik Ve Meslek Lisesi

aksuSchool webpage: http://www.aksuktml.meb.k12.tr/

Aksu Vocational High School is located near the city centrum about 27 km.This is high school education in the field of gardening.Students  learn landscaping,fruit growing,arrangement of flowers and vegetable growing.

With this Project ,students will develop an awarness of healthy eating is considered.Intercultural partnership project is important way to make students that is necessary to study languages,geography and history and through this project we will create motivation for them.

Comeius Project cultures,allowing students to better adapt to the project will be acquiring new friendship.20130430_152303 6466313464 DSC08282 DSC08331 (2) DSC07642 DSC07695 DSCF3133 Görüntü0523 (2) DSC08255 DSC08130 DSC08129 DSC08258DSCF1788DSCN2165

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