Tõstamaa Keskkool

tostamaaSchool webpage: http://www.tostamaa.edu.ee/

Tõstamaa Secondary School is a small school with 155 pupils. School has important role in the local community to offer education and free time activities to the local children.

Tõstamaa Secondary School is located near the border of our county, about 50 km from the local centre Pärnu, so we can call it a country school. It is a boarding school which also includes about 30 students who have problems at home. Either they have no decent living conditions or the parents are addicts or just with a very small income. Our boarding school has proper living conditions for such students so that they could live a normal life, go to school and study well. There are also other students in our school, who live at normal homes but just lack everyday needs. Our school tries to help those students too, to avoid social obstruction. This project helps to increase those pupils` motivation to take their studies at school more seriously. Understanding health- and healthy food topics which are related with everyday life all over Europe they will understand of the studies importance to improve their own life. Intercultural partnership project is important way to make pupils understand that it is necessary to study languages, geography, and history and through this project we will create motivation for them. According to that we include project activities into our curriculum to improve mentioned courses and free time activities.




School newspaper:

Tostamaa kool_joonteta.ai




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